IT Cornerstone, Inc. (“ITC”) respects your privacy and will take every reasonable effort to protect it.  Here is how ITC handles various items pertaining to this subject:

IP Addresses
ITC may use your IP address for site administration, to better analyze visitor trends, movement through the site, and to gather broad statistical usage information.

Our site may use cookies from time to time.  Generally, we use cookies for purposes of tracking non-personally identifiable information such as whether a visitor has voted in an online poll, etc.  When a visitor closes his/her browser, these types of cookies are terminated.  Other types of cookies are created for long-term use in tracking visitor preferences, settings, etc.  Overall, ITC does not endorse the use of long-term cookies that maintain personally identifiable information.  As a result, please be assured that we will not place such cookies on your hard drive and that any cookies which are placed on your hard drive will be terminated upon closing of the browser. 

Policy Changes

Changes made to the ITC Privacy Policy may be made from time to time and without prior notice.  However, a “last modified date” will be displayed as a convenience for our site visitors.  We strongly encourage you to review our privacy policy often in case changes have been made since your last visit.

Last Modifed 2/22/16

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