IT Cornerstone offers a wide array of Technology Services including...

Server & Workstation Technical Support
SQL Databases Email Security
Systems Migration Computer Training
Technical Audit Antivirus
Network & Firewall Wireless


For Small to Mid-Sized Business

For Large Business / Enterprise

Don't have a full-time computer support person on staff?  Neither do most small businesses.  The fact is most can't afford it and many try to get along with bargain priced support or no technical assistance at all.  This approach often leads to  computer networks that are insecure, unstable and more costly in the long run due to employee downtime or recurring support visits to remedy problems that never would have occurred if things been setup right from the start.   

IT Cornerstone will help keep your systems running smoothly for a fraction of what a full-time technical employee would cost.  We will custom tailor an outsourced computer support plan to fit your needs and budget.   

Some of our most popular services are highlighted below. 

If you don't see what you're looking for, please feel free to contact us.  Chances are we can help or point you in the right direction.

Even with an established computer network and in-house IT support staff, chances are there are technology projects waiting to get done.  Perhaps your technical team can benefit from bringing in outside expertise on a particular technology or product.  An extra pair of experienced hands may be the only thing stopping a pending project from getting to the finish line.

IT Cornerstone offers expertise in a variety of technical areas and is ready to assist with your large-scale initiative.

Whether it is a new network or an existing environment not performing up to expectations, IT Cornerstone can help make technology work for your business. 

Enterprise experience, industry expertise and the ability to communicate in both technical and non-technical terms are the keys to our success with clients. 


Microsoft Software Installation & Management

IT Cornerstone specializes in the design, implementation and management of the latest Microsoft Operating Systems, cloud technologies and virtualization.

ITC also has extensive experience in migrating from legacy products and can help get you to up-to-date with minimum impact on your staff and day-to-day business operations. 

Our proven Project Management skills help to ensure the migration will be completed on-time and within budget. 

  Server & Workstation Setup

IT Cornerstone is ready to help identify, setup and configure your server and desktop hardware. 

In addition, we'll work with you to ensure you have the optimal selections when it comes to choosing desktops, notebooks and everything in between.

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  Technical Support

Cloud, Virtual, Wi-Fi, Mobile...Despite technology's enormous contributions to today's business world, things aren't perfect.  Systems occasionally experience issues and users frequently have questions or need help accomplishing a new task. 

Having a technical resource to call is a luxury no business should be without, especially when time is of the essence.  We can help.

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  Networking & Firewall

Already have a network?  How safe is it?  Let ITC show you how an enhanced firewall sysem from Sophos UTM can help enhance your remote connevitiy and control of what is happeng on your network. 

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  System Migrations

Considering implementing a new technology, migrating to new hardware or upgrading software to the newest version?  If so, consider leveraging IT Cornerstone as your technology consultant. 

Our team has successfully carried out migrations for many large-scale initiatives and we have the expertise and project management experience to complete the task with minimal impact on your staff.

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  SQL Databases

IT Cornerstone can help you get control of the data your business uses everyday. 

Whether its an older home-grown database or a retired proprietary system, chances are ITC can move your data to a platform that would offer greater stability and performance. 

ITC is proficient in both Microsoft Access and SQL Server database development.  ITC can even web-enable your database for the ultimate in information accessibility.

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  Antivirus Protection
The threat of your critical business data being destroyed or held ransom by a computer virus or ransomware has been rapildy growing in recent years.  Don't be one of the companies forced to pay criminals in order to have your data unlocked. 

IT Cornerstone recommends ESET antivirus and can help setup and configure an award winning, centralized anti-virus solution to help protect your business.

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  Anti-SPAM Strategies

IT Cornerstone recommends ProofPoint Essentials, a leading provider of email security solutions.  Call now to rid your business of the junk email chaos and help your employees get back to work sooner each day.

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  Wireless Networking

Let IT Cornerstone show you how to enhance your office's wireless connectivity.  Need a separate guest network for clients while ensuring the privacy of your business data.  We can help.

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  Computer Training

There are countless number of employees in today's business world with little or no real computer training.  Often times, a new employee is hired to carry out a set of tasks and he/she may not be doing so in the most efficient manner.  This costs you time and money. 

IT Cornerstone's principal trainer has taught basic computer skills both one-on-one and for a number of large audiences nationwide. 

Contact us now to learn how on-site training for as little as one hour can let your employees get the most from your IT & staffing investment.

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  Technical Audits

Not sure how things are currently setup and what works with what?  Often times, tech consultants will come in and implement a solution without reviewing or documenting exactly what was built.  This can lead to a great deal of frustration when it comes time to make changes in the future. 

IT Cornerstone can help uncover the intricate details of your technical puzzle and provide insight on which steps to take next.

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